Potomac Edison Energy Audits


For Potomac Edison customers in Maryland:

No cost and low cost audits to help determine YOUR energy needs.

QUICK HOME ENERGY AUDIT: a visual audit of your home that is a fast and easy way to reduce energy use in your home and save money.

Cost: $0            Time:  1 hour

COMPREHENSIVE ENERGY AUDIT: an in-depth audit involving the use of diagnostic tools such as a blower door and infrared camera.  This audit gives the homeowner a more complete picture of the energy issues in your home.  This is the required audit to obtain the Potomac Edison rebate.

Cost: $100         Time:  3-4 hours

For customers outside of Maryland:

Glory Energy is able to perform the same Comprehensive energy audit for you at a cost of $400 (+ travel fee).  We will prepare a bound, written report and an electronic copy of the report of your energy audit for your convenience.